Name: Kerri

Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, I have had ciguatera poisoning
How did you hear about us?: Search Engine

Tell us your story: I visited Puerto Rico nearly a month ago. I had grouper the first night, and kingfish the second. About 2 hours after eating the kingfish I had some gastro symptoms, that were gone by morning. The next day I felt like lead, achy, weak, and all around “wrong”. I noticed that day, touching anything cold burned my hands like I was holding the coldest ice possible. For weeks I’ve had severe fatigue, muscle and joint aches, itching and tingling off and on in my hands and feet, headaches, and now ringing in my ears. It will be onc month this Friday. My dr believes this is ciguatera, based on symptoms. I had to tell her though, what it was and that I suspected it. I am a chef so I’ve heard of it. The doctors here in texas know nothing about it. I’m finding it very difficult to figure out what foods to eat, activities to avoid etc. no 2 answers are the same. I was feeling better a few days ago, then I had half a cocktail and immediately began itc hing in my extremities. My brain went mush again, and I started getting this high pitch ringing in my ears that has persisted for several days now. I never had this before. It’s scary and frustrating when you feel better, then relapse. Just looking for some advise, and for someone to tell me (hopefully) that this is not forever! Thanks for this site. It’s is very informative!
So sorry to hear you got Ciguatera. From my experience you should stay away from alcohol until you are feeling 100% better, I had the same thing happen the first time I tried it. Don’t do any exercising and this also triggers the symptoms. The document we received from Miami Poison Control said to stay away from the following items below which I did;
From the document faxed to us by poison control it said to avoid fish, shellfish, nuts, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, mushrooms and grains. It also said that exercising could exacerbate the nervous system symptoms and should be avoided for months.
Once I did started feeling better, I did get some small symptoms that come back after drinking, like tingling under my skin but they went away the next day, this lasted for months. I still have reversal of hot and cold in the hands, but not severe. Its very frustrating, there’s nothing I ever found to relieve the symptoms, only time. Hang in there, you should get better soon since its been a month already, feel free to call or email me if I can help you in any way..
Thank you! I really appreciate this feedback. Did they say to avoid that list of foods for any specific length of time like the few months for exercise, or just until you are feeling better? Also, when you drank and had the symptoms I had, how long did those last for you? The day I had that cocktail I also had my first cup of coffee, and took an hour and a half walk. I was feeling better so I went for it. Probably not the best idea.
Thank you again for all your help.
Just until your feeling better I was told, after the drink it seems I remember is was only about 12 hours that the symptoms increased and then subsided. Stay positive, the symptoms should go away soon, please let me know when they do..

Good Luck!!