MAY 2016
*Name: Remi

Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, I have had ciguatera poisoning
How did you hear about us?: Search Engine

Tell us your story: I live in Anguilla have never had fish poisoning of any kind. A young man who works for me also fishes 3 times a week. He introduced me to the best fish I ever had lionfish ( filets) . The Internet said they were safe to eat. I had lionfish 3 times a week for about 3 months. I started to have this intense burning in my hands and toungue. When I touched cold water it was unbearable. I thought it was lack of exercise so I started swimming every day. It didn’t help and the symptoms grew worse now including joint and muscle ache. I thought I was getting arthritis . I started to have memory loss. Advil helped a little with the pain but I finally went to a Dr who diagnosed me with ciguatera. He sees it often. I was given calcium channel blockers. They made me sweat and feel weaker than I already was but I was told this would shorten the duration of the burning in my hands joint pain and muscle pain. I was also given Elavil for night time but I stopped taking that after the second night as it took what little energy I had. I can’t eat any fish or fish products like fish sauce, no alcohol , no nuts or nut oils for one FULL YEAR. I can’t go a full day without having to lie down. Sometimes I stay in bed all day. The worst part is that lionfish doesn’t fit in to the catagory of reef fish that carry ciguartera St Maarten a neighboring island just banned lionfish because high levels of ciguatera toxins were found in the lionfish. It’s really to bad all these islands are promomting lionfish. It really was the best tasting fish I ever had. Nothing is worth these symptoms its like having a disability.

Sad to hear you got a severe case of ciguatera, I agree more info has to get out about Lion Fish!  People are eating it here in South Florida everywhere and I saw it on the menu in Roatan, Honduras.
I heard back in 2012 when I was sick that they have the potential for ciguatera and have heard of other people getting sick from them. The so called experts seem to disagree on the internet with some saying its safe and others saying to stay away. It seems like a no brainer to me to stay away from this fish as it only eats the smaller fish that eat the toxin off the coral reefs, its good to hear that St Maarten has banned it and I only hope more area’s do the same.
Good luck and hope you get better soon, please keep me posted on your progress..