MAY 2014
Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, someone I know has had ciguatera poisoning
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Tell us your story: A friend recently came back from Mexico experiencing extreme headaches, fatigue, can barely walk, numbness and dizziness. She’s been in the hospital for over a week and had one positive spinal tap for meningitis. Had another spinal and it didn’t come back positive. My question is how do you know for sure it is the ciguatera toxins responsible?  Kara

There is no test, this is the crazy thing with this toxin, you can only diagnose this by an expert opinion of the symptoms. Does her hands burn when she touches something ice cold? This is the main early symptom of ciguatera. Does she have constant itching all over her body? Did she have fish while there? If yes what kind of fish did she have? The symptoms sound like cigutera and you must get to a specialist that can hopefully determine that this is what it is.

If she does have ciguatera the only cure is time and hopefully she has a mild case that will last a couple of weeks, feel free to call me to discuss, I still have residual symptoms 2 years later…