MARCH 2014

Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, I have had ciguatera poisoning
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Tell us your story: I went to the bahamas w my fiancé for the weekend and as we both love fish we ate plenty of it. Mostly Mahi Mahi and grouper. For our last meal there (lunch) we had fish tacos w the wife of the couple we were staying w and they were grouper. I am the only one w CFP. About six hours later when we arrived back in FL I started having diarrhea and mild nausea. I have had my gallbladder removed so some days I have GI issues (usually in the morning though and not the evening, but still didn’t think this was that strange.) That night my legs hurt so bad it was hard to sleep and I had chills/low grade fever. (I am very fair skinned and at 31 I rarely get sunburned anymore bc I try to slather on the sunscreen now, so after getting burned in the bahamas I thought that was causing my chills.) The next morning I took tylenol for the chills, but noticed my hands felt “odd” when I touched cool surfaces. Also I was exhausted… not just tired, but I found it a challenge to do anything other than just lay/sit on the couch. Thinking I was just being dramatic about a sunburn we went to the gym that morning and of course it was a huge leg day and I ignored that drinking the cold water from my water bottle felt weird, thinking it must just be the taste and i needed to wash the bottle. (working out is one of my only hobbies.) Afterwards I barely moved from the couch all day, only to shower and force myself to eat. We both love beer and keep a keg in our house and pint glasses in the freezer. The glasses are usually almost painful to touch as they’re so cold, but this was different. After having dealt w this for a few days, I figure the best way to describe touching cold things is like trying to hold dry ice. I had never heard of anything like this and my fiancé was becoming more concerned. That night I could not sleep bt the sweating and thinking I was going to hurt myself w all the scratching. The next morning my German shepherd had started following me everywhere (i know this doesn’t sound like an indication that something is terribly wrong, but it is.) I was too tired to go to the gym and I still had the some itching after benedryl and claritan. My fiancé and I agreed I needed to go to the doctor so he took me to urgent care. The dr said it was either just a virus or CFP, in his defense I hadn’t mentioned the GI issues bc i attributed them to my normal issues, and he said if it is CFP then there’s nothing anyone can do anyways bc there’s no cure. I started googling CFP as soon as we got in the car and after reading the symptoms I knew this is what I had. It’s 0330 here right now and obviously I’m awake writing this so the sweating, itching, and aching in my legs is still enough to keep me awake. I wear socks to walk on our tile floors and the sensitivity to cold seems to be going away in my mouth. I’m grateful that I found your experience, so that I have hope that this will fade over time and I’ll be able to return to the gym at some point and only be uncomfortable for an hour or so. I am sad about avoiding fish and alcohol even if for a little while. (Neither my fiancé or our friend have had any symptoms.) Ashley


So sad to hear you have CFP, everything you described confirms this is what it is, hang in there you will get better!! I hope for you it only last a week or so. Feel free to call me if you want to talk or ask any questions..
I still have a lot of the symptoms although everyday gets a little better and I get a little more sleep.
I went to an indoor sporting event today and was out most of the day. When we got back to the car my hands and feet were tingling a lot and then numbness started creeping up my arms and legs and I felt out of breath. I concentrated on my breathing and moving my fingers and toes and after a few mins it’s back to “normal”. I’m guessing it’s from going from a cold arena to the hot outside air and car and then the cold AC of the car, but I was wondering if you’d ever experienced that? Thank you!
I did get symptoms like that, they came at all different times for me though but sounds like the activity you did that day could have triggered the symptoms. Even though my symptoms were severe for months,  I remember that once the random sweating at all times of the day and night finally subsided so did the itching and I started to feel better overall, sounds like you are already turning the corner as my Daughter did within a few weeks.

Please let me know where in the Bahamas you were? I’m trying to keep data on where people were and what kind of fish they ate when they got sick..
Feel Better!!  Jeff
I was in the Abacos (Green Turtle Cay to be specific) and I had Grouper in fish tacos.  Thank you, I just had my first night where I was able to sleep without heavy pain pills to manage the leg pain, so I’m pretty excited.. i really feel for you having to deal w this for so long!

Thank you,
Thanks, were headed to Marsh Harbor by boat in July for a week, think I’ll stick with mahi, tuna & wahoo while I’m there..