JUNE 2016
*Name: Jason

Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, I have had ciguatera poisoning

How did you hear about us?: Search Engine
Tell us your story: Jason (my husband) was poisoned after eating a horse eye jack fish off of St. Thomas last Monday night. He visited the emergency room in St. Thomas and they told him he has ciguatera poisoning. I am doing everything I can to educate myself about how to get these toxins out of his body. He is the primary income for our home and I am worried about long-term disability. I ordered charcoal pills online and they should arrive today (72 hours after he ingested the toxin) We are also starting a 20 day cleanse today and we are going to see a Chinese Herbalist when they get back into town later this weekend. Where do I find the list of good and bad foods? I have heard that he cannot eat chicken? I was going to make him chicken soup. Is there a good website with information on diet and recommended medications? My name is Melissa but my husband Jason has the poisoning.

I’m sorry to hear Jason has ciguatera, hopefully it will be short bout and symptoms subside within 7 to 10 days, that’s the normal time frame from all I’ve learned that most people have the severe symptoms. You’re correct about the chicken, its on the list of things not to eat while the symptoms are present. There is no cure other than time as far as I still understand but people do try all kinds of treatment, all you can do is try and see if it helps with the symptoms.
This is a toxin that gets into your entire body tissue and affects the nervous system, unlike virus that can be treated with antibiotics. The symptoms for each person vary depending on how much of the fish that person had, at least that’s how it was with our situation, my wife and daughters boyfriend only had symptoms for a few days while my daughter and I had severe symptoms for weeks and mine ended being about 3-4 months, we ingested much more than they did and we all got sick from the same fish.
Below are the things they say not to eat & drink and the link is to a lot more info and history.
Good Luck and let me know if you have any other questions or I can help in any way..

2.3. Food and Dehydration Avoidance

Frequent anecdotal reports to physicians and investigators indicate that after experiencing CFP, ingesting alcohol [4,6,26,27,74] and any kind of fish [4,6,26,27,35] can cause an augmentation or relapse of symptoms. Ingesting caffeine [6], nuts [6,8], chicken [4,8] and pork [8], or experiencing physical over-exertion or dehydration[74] have also been associated with symptom recurrence or augmentation. Therefore, patients are advised to avoid behaviors or activities that cause dehydration, and to avoid such foods (Table 3) for 3–6 months after intoxication or until all CFP-related symptoms have resolved. However, controlled investigations of the incidence of symptom recurrence as well as the effectiveness of specific food and activity avoidance measures have not been conducted, and any beneficial impact may vary among individuals.