JUNE 2016
*Name: Bruna

Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, someone I know has had ciguatera poisoning

How did you hear about us?: Search Engine
Tell us your story: Hi Im from Bolivia (southamerica), my grandmother has Ciguatera Poisoning, she got it in Peru. She’s been strugling with this disease for 6 years now. It keeps getting worst, we want to know if there is any place in the United States where they can help her. Please let us know!!

There still is no cure for Ciguatera Poisoning that I’m aware of only time. I very rarely here of a case lasting more than 6 months to a year but I have heard a few cases like your grandmother. If you read my story some of the research I did says to stay away from things like: fish, shellfish, nuts, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, mushrooms and grains for at least 6 months, exercising could exacerbate the nervous system symptoms and should be avoided for months. Nothing I ever tried helped to alleviate the symptoms only time.
Can you tell me if she has continued to consume any kind of fish or shellfish over the past 6 years?
Hi Jeff , thank you so much for replying. I’ve read about the food that you are supposed to avoid. She has not eaten any kind of fish or shellfish since she got ill , but we didn’t know about the others foods you mention before, i will let her know.

Do you still have  the disease? This is affecting her the most in her feet and legs , she can barely feel anything, and also sometimes she has this kind of rash all over her legs and they puff up. Here in Bolivia doctors don’t know about the disease very well , we have also tried with some doctors in Argentina , but the don’t seem to know either. What do you recommend us?
The only symptom I still have is reversal of hot & cold in my hands but its not severe, sometimes I get sweaty feet the next morning (which was a severe symptom I had for months) when I have to much alcohol to drink.  Since there is no cure other than time the only thing I can suggest is to avoid the other foods / alcohol I discussed for a few months and see if there is any improvement. This is not a virus that can be detected by a blood test, its a toxin / poison that affects the nervous system and certain foods and drinks can trigger the toxins in the system.

Its crazy to think she’s had this for 6 years as most people like me with severe cases last 6 to 12 months, I did have a recent inquiry that said she’s been suffering for 26 years. The only way I know of to confirm someone has Ciguatera is to take skin tissue sample and have it tested by a laboratory that knows how to detect the Ciguatera toxin, if it is Ciguatera they still can’t do anything to cure it but a least you can confirm if it is this that’s she is still suffering from.
Do you know where do they do the Ciguatera test? We would like to know so we can take her there.

At first she was diagnosed with an allergy reaction by eating shellfish and octopus in Peru , seems that they don’t know about Ciguatera poisoning nbut she has all the symptoms of it. She wants me to send you the pictures of her first symptoms that she got , and they keep showing up.
You have been such a great help for us , THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Go ahead and send the photos . On the test I think it would have to be a laboratory that can take a tissue sample of flesh and then specifically test for the Ciguatera toxin.
I would start with her doctor and see if they know of a lab that can do the test, I’ll do some research also and see what I can find out for you..
There are no laboratories that do the test in Bolivia , in my research i found that Florida has many cases of Ciguatera Poisoning and they have done research too. I thought maybe there are laboratories that work with the toxine.
I never broke out in any kind of rash and don’t know of ciguatera causing rashes, has she been to a dermatologist in the past when this has broken out to see if they can tell what it is? I believe the University of Miami may be able to do a tissue test but they would probably want to rule any and all other possibilities before they would do it..