JUNE 2016
Hi Jeff,
I emailed you last year about my sister in Ocean City, MD and her story about ciguatera poisoning.  It is coming up on a year and she will still have bouts of nerve/muscle pain, exhaustion & dizziness triggered by stress and/or physical activity. As far as her diet, she has not eaten fish of any kind, caffeine or alcohol. She is thinking of trying alcohol this summer. Do you happen to know why alcohol can be a trigger? A doctor she is currently seeing says it’s not so much a toxin trigger but can make her sick because she dehydrates quickly and alcohol exasperates dehydration. Her plan is to have a drink followed up by plenty of water. My concern is that the alcohol alone will “wake up” the toxins.
I would appreciate any advice you can share.
Thanks so much and I hope you are well!

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been traveling and just got back and catching up. So sorry to hear she is still having symptoms a year later, Crazy!! I don’t know why alcohol triggers the symptoms but assume its because ciguatera attacks the nervous system, which is probably why caffein is also on there.
I did feel some symptoms months later when I starting drinking again but they seemed to go away by the next morning, they continued to subside as the months went by. Please let me know if she has tried drinking again and if she had any reaction.
Hope she is feeling better!