JUNE 2014
Have you been affected by Ciguatera Poisoning?: Yes, I have had ciguatera poisoning
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Tell us your story: Hello, my name is Myriam.I am a 31years Swiss Woman living in the Bahamas. I ve eaten a grouper in a restaurant and been poisoning two weeks ago. I have the itching, reversal cold and hot sore joints and muscle symptoms. Drinking alcoohol even a light beer make me really itchy. I takd some medication to help with the pain but do not feel any difference. i saw you where diving again and i hope i ll be able to dive again soon. Even the sea water burns my hands and feet. I wanted to know how are you symptoms now and when you were able to drink a beer again and diving:) any advises ? Hope you re feeling better now. thanks for your blog. have a great day! Myriam

So sorry to hear you got sick, most people get over the symptoms in 30 days or less, I had a severe case that lasted months. There are no medications that I know of to help with the symptoms but they do say to : avoid fish, shellfish, nuts, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, mushrooms and grains.
The only cure that I have ever heard of unfortunately is time, I am better now but it took in excess of 4 months to get over the severe symptoms and now have only reversal of hot & cold but not severe and dry mouth, mostly when I exercise. I do drink & dive and have been since about 4 months after getting sick, I also did try to drink early on but the symptoms got much worse so definitely stay away from the booze for a while.
Hang in there you will get better! Please let me know what part of the Bahamas you were located when you ate the fish? Feel free to call or email me if I can help in any way..
Jeff Herman
Dear Jeff,
Thank you so much for your email.
Happy to know that you re feeling better! It’s good to read someone who had the same symptoms as not much people can understand it it s like an invisible illness. I ate the fish in Nassau in a restaurant called poop deck. It seems that two other people have been poisoned this day. It s not so easy because a day you feel like you re feeling better and the day after is bad again. Happy to hear that you dive i was afraid that I will be not able to dive again as the sea water burns my hands and feet. Again a big thank you for your email it really helps:)
Wish you all the best.