Tell us your story: Hi Jeff, About 20 years ago, I came down with ciguatera after eating a large Kingfish steak on the island of Vieques, PR. The owners of the hotel where we were staying knew immediately what I had when I explained my symptoms. They gave me some benadryl tablets and told me to see my doctor, since this all took place the night before my flight home to Connecticut. My doctor was an avid sailor and frequented the islands of the Caribbean and knew immediately that I had ciguatera. He told me to continue with the Benadryl and there was no other cure. He said that Kingfish do not eat coral, but do eat fish that eat coral. He went on to say each time a person contracts ciquatera, the symptoms get worse. Some people actually go blind and the symptoms may last for years. Mine lasted for three months. The worst for me were the muscle spasms through my neck and shoulders and down my spine and a general feeling of malaise and foggy brain. Just awful! We are moving to Panama in January. Just returned from a trip there. I thought I was being very careful when ordering fresh fish for dinner, always questioning whether it was a coral eating fish. I did have grouper without any symptoms, but do you know of an exhaustive list of the types of fish to avoid? I hope you are well and prospering these days!