I just got back from Bimini, Bahamas and as always had a wonderful trip. We did some deep dropping in 800′ of water and caught two “Mystic Grouper” under 20lbs. I decided after 3 years to give the grouper a try, based on my research these past 3 years I’m personally thinking that a small grouper under 20lbs in very deep water would have a much smaller chance of having ciguatera as the water temperature in deep water would not be¬†conducive for the toxin to thrive on the reefs that deep. This is my own “Non Scientific” research and by no means am I telling ANYONE to ever eat any reef fish again after having ciguatera!
Last Saturday night we cooked the grouper and my wife & I both had a small portion, we didn’t have any symptoms that night or the next day, we have plenty of fish left and I’m going try it again soon and will update after.
I want to stress again this was our decision to eat reef fish again after three years, if anyone out there does decide to eat reef fish after having ciguatera you must know going in that you run the risk of getting ciguatera again or aggravating the symptoms!