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Tell us your story: Hi Jeff, thank you for sharing your story. I live and spearfish here in Miami and found out about this problem only today (on the web – not the hard way). Hope, your symptoms will go away completely. I’m shocked they still don’t have any testing kits for it. That’s rediculous. Please keep me posted and get well buddy. Andrey
Thanks Andrey – I’m pretty much over all symptoms at this point except reversal of hot and cold in the hands which is not as severe as it was. A couple recently contacted me that fished off the east end of Grand Bahama and both got severe cases, this is the same area my hogfish came from. I personally will never fish / spear in that area again.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for response. I’m glad to hear that you’re back to normal. What fish would you consider safe to eat from around here? I can’t think of a much, everything seems to be a potential predator. Feels like not many options left besides becoming a vegan.


Most pelagic fish like Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna & Sworrdfish should be okay as they are not reef dwellers. If you are going to eat reef fish I would stay away from larger fish over 20lbs and up like Grouper, Hogfish & Snapper and never eat Barracuda under any circumstances. I’ve never heard of anyone getting it from Yellow Tail though they say its possible for any fish to have it.
Good Luck!!