My name is Jeff Herman and I have Ciguatera Poisoning. I created this website in hopes of bringing more awareness to this debilitating disease. There are people out there like me suffering from Ciguatera and might not even know they have it.


There is no blood test to date I’m aware of to detect the Ciguatera Toxin. I can only imagine how many people vacationing around the world to island destinations or on cruise ships that have eaten Ciguatera Toxic Reef Fish. Ciguatera symptoms start out in the first 6-10 hours like food poisoning and patients are normally given supplements as a treatment to ease the nausea and diarrhea.


If they do have Ciguatera Poisoning the days ahead bring debilitating symptoms like mine that can last for months. Unless a doctor correctly diagnosis Ciguatera Poisoning these people are left to question their own sanity as symptoms can go on for weeks, months and years. I can only hope misdiagnosed people ultimately have their symptoms subside or completely go away and realize there not crazy.



I found a website that made a ciguatera test kit to determine if fish had the toxin but they don’t sell it anymore. Doctors and Hospitals continue to misdiagnose Ciguatera as Fibromyalgia and other psychological disorders, especially in areas where reef fish are available only in restaurants and fish markets.


Ciguatera is commonly found in Florida, Hawaii, Caribbean and the Pacific Islands. There’s been some discussions that ciguatera outbreaks occur because of global climate change. I went to a local hospital on the second day after my symptoms got severe and told the admitting person we had Ciguatera Poisoning, he didn’t know what it was, he asked a nurse and she didn’t know, I told them to search the web and they finally got in touch with Poison Control who faxed them info about Ciguatera, “I Was In Disbelief”


I welcome you to share any personal experiences you may have had with Ciguatera. If we can bring more awareness to the world about this debilitating disease it might result in more research for cure or a test for Ciguatera Toxic Reef Fish. 


This disease has changed my life forever; I’m still suffering symptoms and don’t know if they will ever go away. I don’t know if I will ever have the nerve to eat reef fish again.


I will continue to update my condition on a monthly basis, I’m trying to live a normal life, but knowing this toxin thrives in my body with no cure is disheartening…


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